Sell direct to your customers/fans/users.
Build your own online shop & take payments.

Sell, socially exchange or stream your digital and physical products.
Great for all types of shop owners, musicians, artists & content creators everywhere.

Get started for free

Sell anything, anywhere.

Build a professional eCommerce store now, fast and for free.

Physical Products

(Clothing, Books, Jewellery etc..)

Digital Audio

(Music, Podcasts, Audio Books)

Digital Products

(Software, Video, eBooks etc.. )

Coming Soon!


(Courses, Music/Audio Streaming, Recurring Services etc. )

Coming Soon!

Your all-in-one eCommerce solution,
whatever you're selling.

Your new e-commerce website

Create an impressive new online shop with a secure checkout and start accepting orders in a matter of moments. Whatever you're selling and no matter how many, you can sell one product or one million!

No web designer needed

Customize your Qtail theme to get just the site you want without ever having to code. You can change colors and fonts and even the css/html if you've got the knowhow, for full control.

100+ features included.

Loads of awesome and professional e-commerce features, right out the box.

Unlimted Products

There isn't a limit on how many physical or digital products you can create or how many images you upload, so fill ya boots!

Safe and Secure

All credit card and transactions are made over HTTPS connections with 128-bit SHA2 encryption. Thats geek talk to say it's super secure for your customer and you. Qtail is certified PCI compliant.

Product variations/options

Set individual product styles or options. Different sizes, colours, or with add-ons the options are endless.

Stock management

Keep track of all your stock with our super easy to use interface.

Add e-commerce to your exisiting website/blog

Already got a website but want to sell or socially share products?
With Qtail it's easypeasy.

Product Widgets

Easily add a product to any web page with a few lines of code. Customers will view and purchase without leaving your site.

Buy Buttons

Need to keep things even more simple? Just add a buy button to your site, enabling a seamless purchase flow.

Wordpress plugin

Add our Qtail plugin to your wordpress install and quickly add products to your blog/site.

Quick & Easy commerce

Nothing to install, easy to use and cost effective. Adding e-commerce to your exisiting site is super simple.

Sell or Share on Social Networks

Sell products & collect payments in-stream instantly across social networks.
Reach out to fans, friends and followers via social media.

Facebook Store

Sell your products right on your Facebook page via your own branded shop, within a few clicks.

Multiple sales options

Sell products for a fixed price, customer chooses price or offer pre-orders. Share digital downloads for Likes, Tweets, Emails or just give them away!

Sell on Facebook/Twitter

Offer items for social currency (tweets/likes) or money via great looking embedded products in your timeline.

Social Product Campaigns

Launch and track products for sale using Qtail's Social Network Campaign feature. See who's buying what and where to maximise those sales!


Sell products & collect payments in-stream instantly across social networks. Reach out to fans, friends and followers via social media.

Accept Credit Cards

Give your customers more choice but offering dedicated Credit/Debit card payments at checkout and not just Paypal.

Payments via your own PayPal account

Want instant customer payments into your own PayPal account? Well, ok then!

Your own Merchant Account

Get set up and selling in no time! A few basic questions and a bit of verification and you're done. Awesome.

Payments to you

You’ll get paid every Friday for all sales made with a credit card (minus our fee) up until the previous Friday, if you have made sales over $10 in that week.

EU VAT - Taken care of!

Qtail will deal with all the relevant EU VAT taxes and give you all the info you need for reporting, so you don't have to collate any data. Phew.

Orders & payments

Payment details are clearly synced with orders, making it easy to see (direct on the dashboard) how much you’ll get paid.

Seriously professional Audio...

Your audio, delivered the way it should be.

Awesome audio processing

Other services don't even come close. We take your original audio files and process them, add meta data and make them as professional sounding/looking as possible so you customers get a great product.

Offer Mp3 & Lossless audio

Sell products for a fixed price, customer chooses price or offer pre-orders. Share digital downloads for Likes, Tweets, Emails or just give them away!

Secure 60 Second Previews

Secure your tracks and tempt the customers/fans with ability to listen to a 60 second 'sample' of the audio.

Private/Password protected streaming

Need to make a digital product private and away from public consumption? You can set a password and only allow those privileged few through the gates!


Accept pre-orders for a product before it's ready to be released. You simply specify a release date and we'll notify your customers to grab their downloads.

Offer Bonus Items

Add PDF booklets, movies or anything else you'd like to give away with your digital release.

Your theme, your way..

Great looking responsive themes, easily customized to fit your brand.

Choose a theme

We offer a selection of themes, pick one that fits your brand. Simple.

Colors, Images & Fonts

Easily changes the page colours. Choose from over 80 google web fonts and add your own images.

View the Edit HTML/CSS

Dig deeper into the engine of your shop but eiditing the html templates and css to make it just how you want it.

Simple pricing based on how much you sell.
No trials. No expensive 'Bolt on' Apps. No complication.

Estimated max monthly $USD revenue

The % fee is based on your previous month's revenue total.

Payment transfers

Get paid instantly via Paypal or accept Card payments and earnings are automatically transferred to your bank account on a 7-day rolling basis.

Simple & Fair Data Charges

Qtail charges a small fee for large data consumption, so we can professionally process data for your customers.
PAYG - from as low as USD 0.15¢ per GB (1GB Free)

International cards

Accept major international debit or credit cards, including: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Multi currency

You can accept payments in 25+ currencies.

Build a beautiful new shop or simply
add e-commerce to your existing website, blog or Facebook page.

Sell via Facebook/Twitter or via a shop widget.

  1. Start selling & accept credit cards within minutes.
  2. eCommerce enable your exisiting site in seconds.
  3. Great widgets to embed on any site.
  4. Low cost.
  5. Cloud based (Nothing to install).
  6. Professional audio features.
  7. Loads of sales options (Fixed price, likes, tweets etc..)
  8. No data limits.

Yes. We review & monitor every product you create for illicit or fraudulent activity.
A list of things you can't use Qtail to sell or promote can be found here.

Nope, we don't. We're an eCommerce enabler, not a producer of products. Our platform gives you the ability to sell/offer your products to your customers.

Nope, we don't. Shipping is up to you!

We wanted fair and transparent pricing for both you and us. Huge data files soon add up in terms of hosing/streaming costs, so in a nutshell we need to charge for it.
We've created a very easy to use and fair way to make paying for data downloads.
More on this can be found here.

We pay you into your bank account account each week for transactions made by credit card.
If your customer pays with PayPal, those funds will go directly into your PayPal account and show instantly.
NB: Payments into Bank Accounts will be available soon!

We can give basic assistance but if you need a full layout revamp then it'll be best to find someone who knows css/html!
You can always create a support ticket and we'll try and give you a hand, here.

Just create a support ticket over here.
We don't offer phone support, sorry 'bout that.